About Us 

Shimatsu Group is one of the longest lasting innovators of Power Quality and Energy Saving Products in Japan. In an industry where companies come and go, SHIMATSU continues to provide the reliability and continuity you need.


Experienced and Fully Customizable Solutions

As a global exporter with over 30 years expertise in power solution, SHIMATSU design, prototype and manufacture custom power requirements for a wide variety of customer and market. We offer a broad range of electrical products from various transformers and voltage stabilizers to sophisticated energy saving power conditioners, power factor correction and harmonic mitigation products. Our experienced staff of engineers is available to assist you in configuring exactly the right product to meet your specifications. They stand ready to work with complex special applications or simple modifications to our standard product line.


ISO 9001:2008 Certified Processes

ISO Certification ensures that the best of international manufacturing processes are used for every SHIMATSU product. Our conservative design philosophy, tightly controlled product configuration and consistent manufacturing processes ensure that every our customer gets the highest quality product possible. Because we are strongly committed to quality and customer satisfaction, we test 100% of our product before it ships, and then stand behind our workmanship with industry leading warranties.


Outstanding Service

As your power solution provider, we offer a full service customer support program. Beginning with your initial contact, our thorough application assistance ensures that you select the right product and options for your needs. Technical documentation is always available to help with your planning requirements. Prompt shipment is possible through our efficient manufacturing processes. After shipment, we support our products with a comprehensive warranty and extensive field service program.