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Noncontacting Voltage Stabilizer

 Our ZSBW Static voltage stabilizer using DSP intelligent detection, quickly switch output instruction control thyristor module,
through the transformer with frequency, phase lock, maintain the stability of output voltage sine wave superposition
compensation.Solve the grid voltage surge, plunging, rush, harmonic problem good helper!

 Industrial microcomputer non-contact AC Stabilizer comprises some of voltage transformer modules, non-contact SCR conditioning
module, AD sampling module, industrial MCU intelligent control module,LCD display system, sound and light alarming system,
power supply system, protection system and other components.
Precision equipment to provide safe and reliable power supply for you.

User-friendly HMI, large-screen LCD display, enable to know all of system voltage, work current, status and other information;
Using a combined transformer compensation, SCR non-contact switch, optical coupling isolation, industrial MCU control and other advanced technology;
Non-contact, Anti-interference, maintenance-free, no mechanical error and no wear of carbon brush,
Split-phase adjustment automatically, automatic balance of three phases, stable performance, reliable,
Fastest regulator: adjust the voltage to the output voltage rating of 40ms,
State display, Error indication, Alarm reminders, Regulated power supply and bypass switching function,
With the function of protection against overload, overvoltage, under voltage, phase lack, short circuit, delay output,
lightning protection, filtering function(Optional),
Capable of overload, suitable for resistive, capacitive, inductive and mixed loads.

CNC Machining Centers                                        
Plastic Injection Molding Machines                     
CNC punch press                  
Medical facilities
Automatic insertion machine
Laser cutting machine
Circuit board drilling machine
High way/railway system          
Broadcast/Television/Bank system
Net communication basic system    
Petrochemical/Oil/Power system
Particularly suitable for large power fluctuations, worst power supply environment because transient mutations voltage, and where voltage regulation is needed.  
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