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Power Saver For Lighting

Shimatsu Completed Electric-power Equipment Co.,LTd. is the best Japan power saver for lighting manufacturer and supplier, as a professional company, we have our own factory. Welcome to wholesale power saver for lighting, lighting power saver, power saver device, energy saving, lighting energy control, outdoor lighting control products from us.

The energy consumption in the lighting sector, whether in public lighting or private users,constitutes a high percentage of the total energy used. In view of rising energy cost, the intelligent use of electricity is becoming increasingly important and optimization therefore an operational necessity.

DZG series Power Saver is a sustainable system which reduces electricity cost sustainably without affecting the performance and reliability of the equipment in any way. The Power Saver starts up by automatically executing the ignition cycle of the lamps in a time programmable by the user. After this, the Power Saver gradually reaches the preset rated voltage value. When , for various reasons, the peak lighting level is no longer needed, the Power Saver reduces the voltage powering the lamps , thus achieving a significant energy saving up to 50%. The transitions between the various operating conditions are so slow that the change in illumination is not perceptible to users.

Energy saving of up to 50%
Fast return of investment(ROI) time
Prolonged equipment life span
High operational efficiency
Individual adaptation voltage level by programming of time curves
Different types of lamps can operated together in one system
PLC controlled
Easy integration in existing systems
Automatic bypass switch protects against lighting outages
Single and three phase up to 1000KVA


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