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UPS Maintenance Bypass Cabinet

Shimatsu Completed Electric-power Equipment Co.,LTd. is the best japan ups maintenance bypass cabinet manufacturer and supplier, as a professional company, we have our own factory. Welcome to wholesale ups maintenance bypass cabinet, bypass cabinet, ups bypass, ups maintenance bypass cabinet, ups maintenance bypass, uninterruptible power supply system products from us.

The Shimatsu UPS Maintenance Bypass Cabinet is the ultimate in tailored solutions for power distribution, maintenance bypass, and voltage transformation in one easy to implement cabinet.

It is designed to allow the transfer of power to full system bypass to perform service, testing and maintenance without interrupting power to the critical load. It can be as stand-alone unit that can be used with virtually any UPS.

Unmatched system flexibility
Multiple voltage configurations
Input isolation transformer with high efficiency
Integrated maintenance bypass
Integrated power distribution
Free-standing, easy-access

Computer Networks
Paper Production
Food Processing