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Frequency Inverter

 Relying on its superior cost-efficiency, E380 series general inverter is widely applied in the industry of machine tool, electricity, textile, transportation, transmission, paper, cable, metallurgy, etc.
The series product has been developed to be model in high stability, reliability after on-site inspection of more than 700,000 inverters.

Main Control Function
Control mode: V/F control, Sensorless Vector Control(SVC), Torque control
Overload capacity: 60s with 150% of rated current, 10s with 180% of rated current
Speed adjusting range: 1:100(SVC)
Carrier frequency: 1 kHz ~ 15kHz
Frequency reference source: keypad, analog input, HDI, serial communication, multi-stage speed, simple PLC and PID setting.
The combination of multi –modes and the switch between different modes can be realized.
PID control function
Simple PLC, Multi-steps speed control function: 16 stages speed can be set.
Traverse control function
None-stop when instantaneous power off.
Speed trace function: Smoothly start the running motor
QUICK/JOG key: User defined shortcut key can be realized.

I/O Features
Programmable digital input: Provide 7 terminal which can support ON-OFF input, 1 terminal which can support high speed pulse input and support PNP, NPN
Programmable analog input: Al1 can accept input of -10V ~10V, Al2 can accept input of 0~10V or 0~20mA
Programmable open collector output: Provide 1 output terminal(Open collector output or high speed pulse output)
Relay output provide 2 output terminals
Analog output provides 2 output terminal, whose output scope can be 0/4~20 Ma or 0~10 V, as chosen

Textile Machine
Food Machine
Grinding machine
Centrifugal machine
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